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Koonawarra Bay 14ft Catamaran Regatta


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G'day all,

The 2007 Koonawarra Bay 14ft Catamaran Regatta will be held on the weekend of 10th & 11th February.

This regatta will incorporate the Windrush NSW State Championships. It will also be a round of the NSW Paper Tiger traveller's trophy.

Koonawarra Bay Sailing Club is located at the very eastern end of Kanahooka Road, Dapto.

There is a flyer on the club's website at www.koonawarrabaysc.org.au/main.html where you can also download a PDF version.

Also on the website are directions to the club, a list of local accommodation, and the Koonawarra Bay Yardsticks for 14ft catamarans.

If anyone needs any further information about the event, you can contact me on the numbers listed on the flyer or you can post the questions here and I will reply.

This will be the 14th running of this regatta. We really hope you can be a part of this great event.


Dave Stumbles

Koonawarra Bay SC

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Five Maricats sailed at Koonawarra. One Super Sloop (Adrian Heap), two Sloops (Tony and Ami Zahra on White Wave) and Pointed Reply, two Cats (Chris Zahra and Lachlan Tucker on Mick's Foamy. There was a bunch of hot Windrush's and Paper Tigers and the 430.

The weather and courses were just about perfect for 14ft Cat sailing.

Lachlan finishing 5th overall in the light wind in Race 1 with the Sloops well behind. The breeze picked up for races 2 and 3 and Lachlan had great trouble holding down the light weight Foamy with Mick's big full sail. In race 1 Pointed Reply was leading White Wave until we got lost. The Sloops had a close match-race through-out race 2 with Pointed Reply in front at the line by a few seconds. White Wave picked all the right tacks in race 3 and was the leading Mari by a big margin. There was a strong breeze on Sunday morning and again White Wave got a great start and powered away from the other Maricats. Pointed Reply was next with the super sloop and cats following. The long distance travellers headed off before race 5 but White Wave was well in front of Adrian and Chris.

Some highlights of the weekend were:

The great speed of the Foamy in the light wind with the light skipper.

On the tight reaches the Sloop Maricats out paced the Paper Tigers and roared past the 430.

Adrian and Lachlan undertook some depth testing of Lake Illawarra.

Pointed Reply did a big head dunk and recover which the 9 yr old crew thought was great fun.

Digger showed that Windrush's can sail quite well without a skipper.

A Maricat Sloop was seen cruising around the lake with a dog as crew (is this class legal ??).

Young Justin from Mannering Park picking up 4th in the Windrush State Titles.

Throwing jelly blubbers at fellow sailors is a good prestart tactic.

Thank Koonawarra for a great regatta and weather.

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Thanks for the great feedback, Rodney. We're glad that you enjoyed it so much. Our aim is to put on a really enjoyable event. And thanks for putting in the effort to come so far to compete.

You can see another write-up and the full results under the "Post your regatta here" forum and "The 14ft Forum".


Dave Stumbles

Regatta Coordinator

Koonawarra Bay SC

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