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mast needed is a reminder to all.


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I wanted to let everyone learn from a recent near miss with potentially deadly consequences.

On summer holidays this year I rigged and launched my Maricat on Brisbane Waters, as I have done for years, leaving the boat on the public shore with mast up for the next days action. A friendly local offered his front yard for extra security. The local and a mate of mine began wheeling the trailer with boat across the road and onto the lawn when a living hell broke loose. My mate was howling a bizarre howl, sparks were flying... They had wheeled the boat onto power lines. Thankfully all's well that ends well. The wires broke before too long.

Despite a significant electric shock my mate was cleared of any damage and the helpful local recieved medium to large tingles. I lost sleep, troubled by how close we had been to a catastrophe.

Accidents do happen: the local was a sailor, a long term resident and an electrical engineer. He was finding it hard to forgive his stupidity. But to me this is just the point. Accidents do happen and I am thankful for the chance to learn from it.

Now my mast has a string of golf ball size holes blown in about 500mm from the top. Anyone got a mast to sell? I live in Sydney. I am also looking to buy an old style back beam, which has failed since the incident, while sailing with patched up mast, by coincidence.

Hope someone can help.

And remember, always look up when rigging and moving a boat.

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Hey Rich. I havn't got a mast but maybe you should consider sailing in the States at Tanilba Bay next month. You would have a good chance at one of the 3 insurance policies up for grabs. You could get the sailors "looking up" to vote maybe.

The same thing has happened up here in Port Stephens and fortunatly without a fatality.

Luck was on you side that day.

You will get a back beam from Darcy 0243591729 second hand or call me for a new one on 0419999785 $241.50 plus GST Mick

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I read about your mishap,and just to remind all sailors. this next weekend, 10/11 March, at South West Rocks,Trial Bay, the "DARREN LOWDER Memorial Regatta" is being held.

This event is held every year to ensure that the memory of that unfortunate tragedy does not dissappear, and is a stark reminder of what can happen. It happens too often, yours is the third time reported this year already, and it is only the third month.


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There is a mari here in port stephens with a reasonable mast on it. Boat is rubbish no sails, no boom trailer ok all for $300.00 at the local Recycle centre.Ph 49826088.

Does anybody have more info on the regatta at South West Rocks this coming weekend. Convenient as I happen to be going there on friday for the weekend.


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