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rudder assembly upgrade


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I've got some problems with my rudders that I'd like to fix and was hoping for some advice on the best way to go. My problems are:

- the tiller arm on one of my rudders has broken,

- the rivets on hifield lever on one rudder have broken and it is now attached by hose clamps

- ditto for the clip that holds the hifield lever on both sides

- I'd like to organise it so that I can lock the rudders partially down as I do a lot of sailing where the water is too shallow to start with the rudders all the way down.

- I'd like to be able to pull the rudder down without having to wander across the tramp and

face the wrong way while I'm doing it too.

First should I get an official maricat tiller bar or is it easy to get some suitable al tube and bend it?

How about the rudder lock down. I was thinking of trying to rig up a rope and rubber loop arrangement that I could cleat in at different depths but the new pivmatic kit looks ok. Does anyone have this? Whats it like. Does anyone have any other easy to build setups?

thanks for you help


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Your boat will be almost impossible to sail if the rudders are not locked all the way down. There are a number of modifications you can do to replace the hyfield levers but if the hyfield levers are in good condition then they may just need a tidy up. The best way to go is to get a proper

Maricat rudder bar. If you want to have a good look at a bunch of Maricats, go to the Mannering Park Sailing Club regatta this weekend. There will be quite a few Maricats of various ages and conditions, and lots of friendly advise.

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G'day Martin, the tiller bar on a Mari is 28mm OD, that is NOT a standard section. Standard sizing jumps from 25mm to 32mm. I had the same problem with my 4.8 and was pointed in the direction of a canoe manufacturer as the paddle handles they use are 28mm clear anodized. I bought mine from Australis Canoes in Bellambi $14/m. They call it 29mm but when I ran the vernier over it, it measured 28.5xxxx.

hope it helps

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Hi wobber

I had the rudders set up on my old boat so as I could pull them down from the windward side. Don't use a rubber grommet its better to get a 2 stainless stearing gear spring as used on outboard steering systems, I've tried using a variety of rubber ie big O rings, exhaust gungies, clay pipe sealing o rings. They all perished and broke, had the stainless springs on Bulldozer for about 2 seasons now no probs. To set up I put an eye on the end of the back beam out at the end either side, pissed off the old lever all system all together, used a single block with a becket on the eye, ran a line from there to a block on the end of the rudder pull down line (stainless spring between block and pull down line) back to the block with the becket thru that block to a clam cleat fixed to the back beam on an angle where it was in a line to where I usually sat, then to the other side where I repeated the procedure. Worked OK but tended to cause the rudders to go to full over if you let it go with tension on both springs. But it stopped me running into mored boats as I was leaving the beach and not looking where I was going. If you need more info you can email me direct for pictures at forgemasters@optusnet.com.au.

Regards Phil

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