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Boardless Cats/Dingies?

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G'day All,

Our club is in desperate straights with low water levels in our lake and a continued future of the same.

So in looking to the future we now need to change our fleet of boats over to boardless types.

Well I know that Mari's, Windies, Nacra 4.5's meet this criteria but are their any other cats out there that are boardless? What about mono's. Any dingies with skeggs?

And what about rudders? I've seen in photo's flat squarish jobs on hire boats. How do they go? What happens when you rake your mast back with them etc/


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Due to the large number of responses !!

I have a Maricat - the rudder blades look like they're 550mm. You might need a bit more once one of the hulls is down to the rail in a bit of a blow.

I know what you mean about the flat rudders, I have an old Windrush that has them, however, with the Mari we tend to rake the mast quite a bit (helps point and helps stop nosediving) and I've noticed that when I take off from the beach with the rudders out the back (ie not fully down) it really doesnt steer properly at all. As soon as they go down (and forward) everything is ok again.

I'd suggest therefore if you have more than 600mm to sail in a Mari would be great.


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