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16sq (looking for)

Guest Cormeister

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Guest Cormeister

This post is also on the Nacra forum and the boats for sale.

Looking for 16sq, this post really has two parts. Firstly I am looking for a 16sq to buy, probably a pre 50 boat but will consider any boat, please give me a call on 0408 154 195 if you have one or know of one, I noticed that on the 3rd of Nov Last year Interceptor posted a note regarding a 14 sq on the Gold Coast (do you know if any of the 16's on the coast may be available), if I cant find a suitable 16 do you happen to know if the 14 sq is still around, if any happens to know about any 16's (or 14's) please give me a call.

The second part of this post still relates to 16sq's, I once owned No. 33 "Dreamweaver", I sold this boat to Len in Brisbane in 1998 (how time flys), I know he sold the boat but don't know where it went (I had heard that it went north, but dont really know) Has anyone seen this boat or know where it is, the boat is very distentive as it was one of the few 16sq's with grey hull bottoms, and the name on the side of the boat was about 10ft long. If any one knows the where abouts of this boat could you please let me know as I would love to have it back, maybe just being sentimental (or maybe just mental) any way if any on knows please give me a call or e-amil hounddog@lizzy.com.au

Many Thanks

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