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Hello fellow Catamaran enthusiasts.

I am soon to start lifting the profile of NACRA in Western Australia.

I am looking for any NACRA owners over this way, or sailors interested in getting into NACRA's.

Call me on 0403 325 223


Jared Eyles

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I sail from the Nedlands Yacht Club.

Things are a bit slow with responses, but I am sure I will get more enthusiasm closer to September.

I was lucky enough to visit Brisbane Cat Centre the other week, and they have opened my eyes to how far we are behind in WA.

Time to do some catching up.

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I contacted Nedlands about 2 years ago and was frightened off by the cost of membership...about $600 for the first year + $160 p/a for hardstand.

So I now just sail out of the Matilda Bay Reserve in amongst the sailboarders...gets exciting at times.

I moved over here from Brisbane with my N5.0 and I actually bought my boat 2nd hand from Bris Cat with all the upgrades.

What are you sailing?



N5.0 #1880 "Hawaii 5.0"

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Nedlands is a litle on the expensive side, but it has the largest number of NACRA 5.8's in WA, it also has the bigest cat fleet in general.

I was on a 5.8 until 16 months ago, and due to personal reasons gave it away for a while.

I have now sorted myself out and have unlimited enthusiasm for NACRA sailing.

I hope to pick up one of the older 5.8's soon and sail that until, I have a few more pennies saved to pick a 5.8 with a sail no. of between 1500 and 1600.

I will be running an informal winter sailing day soon for NACRA sailors and I will let you know the details as soon as they are finalised.

Jared Eyles

President NACRA Western Australia

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