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learner: raking the mast . what is level ??


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hi, thanks for the forum, it helps alot

we just got a mark 1 in pretty much original setup

after reading the forums raking the mast aft is to be done.

doing a few suggested things before i take it for a sail and down to a club - now ready to do mast rake;

from reading - suggestion is top of mast somewhere from '200mm fwd of aft beam' upto "over the aft beam"

[i am a 105 kg fat dad at the moment ]

ok no worries- what is level ? a line from top of fwd beam to a line ontop of aft beam - on centreline.


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www.maricat.com.au All tuning tip are on that web site.

With the cat sitting on a flat surface. put a weight on the hallyard and that will tell you where the rake is. Mine is directly on to of the back beam.

Onec you do this you will need to re-gain your main sheet tension. You will need to either shorten the sail from the top or add a clue into the botton panel of the main.

If you don't follow this. call me on 0419999785 Mick.

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But, if you just want to sail - go sail.

Big rake is if you want to race - if your mk1 is in original condition then it doesn't have the extra hole in the rudder blades that allow them to come forward.

Much better to come to one of the active clubs and have a good look.

As to the sail, "my" sailmaker sewed a D ring into the sail about 6" above the original and this worked fine, then I bought a new sail!!!

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didn't see you're at Sommersby! (still don't!).

Mannering Park Saturdays from around 10:30am.

Ask pretty much anyone and you'll get some absolutely top information. Darcy (big bugger with a white goatee) Brenton - usually looks like he's had a bath in sun cream (careful guy)!! All very pleasant guys and absolutely brim full of good Maricat knowledge.

Brenton is Secretary of the Maricat Assoc and Rimmo is President of Vice.

For racing there's a mix of new and old and the old boats can keep up with the new ones too, plus they have a handicapping system that makes it all fair. I think too that there is a weight based handicap too. Doesn't really matter since the racing is great fun.

And if you see someone dripping wet (short, overweight, thinning!) it'll be because Darcy and Brenton don't like my descriptions!!

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