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Nationals report 2010


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Held at Tanilba Bay NSW over the weekend of the 27 & 28 Feb 2010.

There where 6 races and 22 cats.

Super Sloop had overwhelmed the fleet with 13 very keen competitors, 6 Cat rigged and 3 Sloop rigged boats.

Sailors from as far away as Bunbury WA, Canberra, Jindabyne, and Sydney.

The winds varied from 0 knots to 18 knots and all directions.

In the Super Sloop Division, Veteran, Bob Simpson was expected to win the Trophy for the 4th time since 1995 but Mike & Mark Colecliffe had other ideas. Long time Maricat sailor Rodney Anderson had high hopes with the purchase of his new foam sandwich Maricat. Last years winner Donna Grant had high expectation as did local sailors Scott Spencer, Phil Johnston & Rob Roseworne. Other would be contenders where Nick Ward, Rick Prowse, Fred Grant, David Young & Iain Blackadder.

Anderson was a surprise fist race winner in the very lite conditions with Mark Colecliffe second and Mick Colecliffe third. The picked up to 10k in the second which saw Mark Colecliffe lead from start to 50m before the finish where the pressure of Mick C must have been to much as Mark tipped over to let Mick through followed by Simpson and Spencer. 18knots in the third meaning heavy weights and trapeze dominated Mick C 1st, Spencer 2nd & Mark C 3rd. New day no wind meant light weight advantage. Race 5 in 0 – 5 knots saw 4 boats not even make it over the start line. Experience won out. Simpson 1st, Young 2nd, Anderson 3rd. Race 5 the wind again went form 0 to 10 knots and local knowledge counted, However new comer to the class Fred Grant showed us all how it’s done by going wide and winning followed by Simpson 2nd then Mick C 3rd. Last race the NE kicked in the 16 knots and Mick C lapped it up again beating his brother who got 2nd and Donna Gant finished a respectful 3rd.

Overall Mick Colecliffe 1st, Bob Simpson 2nd and Mark Colecliffe 3rd.

Cat Rigged Division

This was going to be a very interesting series with long time class sailor Peter Breaden on home ground, up and coming junior Jason Kakato and veteran Ian Marcovitch (paper tiger sailor) all out to win. The cat amongst the pigeons was local Glen Truscott. Andrew Cook & Rob Rimington where there to learn from the masters.

The 1st race in the light winds saw a great start for the Junior Kakato who took the race out followed by Macovitch 2nd & Breaden 3rd.

Race 2 when the wind started allowed Bearden & Truscott to show their stuff. Truscott showed signs of brilliance until his rudder snapped. Breaden had a convincing win, then Kakato 2nd & Macovitch 3rd.

The 3rd and last race for the day with a decent breeze showed Breaden well out in front followed by Kakato 2nd & Macovitch 3rd.

Different day and a new attitude from the cat sailors. The points are very close and anything can happen when there is no wind.

Race 4 Truscott had to make up for his DNF & DNS yesterday. He was pumped and didn’t waste time. He beat all the Super Sloops to get first boat over the finish line convincingly in front of Breaden 2nd & Kakato 3rd.

Race 5 Still anyone had a hope at the title. Macovitch finaly showed why he is the top in his class. He saw the lift coming and went for it. 1st over the line with Breaden a close 2nd and Truscott an even closer 3rd.

Last race and the title was sowed up by Breaden. Bearden not to be a party pooper sailed anyway and the last race was as tough as the rest. The winds were up and as expected Breaden cruised in 1st. Macovitch kept his form from the race before and took out 2nd with Kakato keeping consistent at 3rd.

Overall results saw Breaden 1st on, Macovitch 2nd on and Kakato 3rd .


Only 3 sloops competed but came from far and wide. Rob & Jade Fowler from Sydney, Wayne Turner & Wayne Hunt from Port Kembla and local junior first time sailors Billy Breaden & Nathan Hills. Rob & Jade won every race. The two Wayne’s got a second in every race with Billy & Nathan 3rd in every race. Although the competition wasn’t there, They all had a huge learning experience and all were getting faster around the course by the end of the series.


Mick Colecliffe


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