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Sailors in Coogee/Botany bay area

cat scratch fever

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I've recently bought a Maricat and am keen as mustard to getin on the water. I've been shown how to rig the thing once and am sure i'll forget when i get it down to Botany Bay. Anyway are there any Maricat sailors in the area that regularly sail Botany etc that would be willing to give me a hand in rigging, so i can learn for the next time by myself

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Hey Cat SCratch Fever,

Ted Nugent Rules,!!!!!

Give me a call at home 9543 5157, I race at Kurnell sailing mari 4.3 cat rigged.

Hope you can join us for our new sailing season that starts 12th September.

We are having a working be on Saturday 28th so if you come down early 9am to 11am to meet some of us while we work we can show you round and help introduce you to some of the boys.

We are expecting to pick up more maris as people go retro (cheaper), hope to have 7 boats racing reg. this season.

Wayne our current national cat rigged champ sails with Kurnell (Sundays) and Port Kembla (Saturdays) so you can always guage how you are progressing.

Good racing when we can beat some of the newer boats on handicap as well.

check out our web site www.kcc.asn.au or www.kcc.ozehosting.com.au

hope we can help

cheers dave

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