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Koonawarra Bay 14ft Cat Regatta - RESULTS


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G'day all,

What a great regatta this turned out to be! This was the 12th running of the event and probably the best so far.

We had 30 boats (a record - previous best was 28 - twice), comprising:

6 Arrows

3 Maricats (all Cat Rig)

7 Paper Tigers

14 Windrushes (2 Sloop, 12 Super Sloop)

This event was used as the 2005 NSW Windrush State Titles.

The quality of the fleet was top class, with all classes represented by their current State Champions! There were also past State and National Champions as well as numerous who had placed well at this level. This has often been the case at this regatta, but this year's event was particularly well represented. As such, we have even more excellent data to use for our yardsticks.

Despite a forecast of drifters followed by a 30 knot front, we had near perfect sailing conditions all weekend, ranging from 5 to 17 knots, generally in the 10-14 knot range.

Koonawarra Bay is on Lake Illawarra, just south of Wollongong, NSW. Competitors travelled from as far away as Port Macquarie (about 7 hours drive), Griffith, Wagga, Lake Macquarie and St Georges Basin.

Many thanks to all the competitors and families who participated. Thanks also to those involved in the organisation of the event. All efforts were greatly appreciated.

Please find the top ten placings listed below. A full list of results will be available soon on the club's web site at www.koonawarrabaysc.org.au


1. "Fluidriven" (Windrush Sloop) Gary & Jack Schneider (Port Kembla SC) 1-5-1-8-1 8pts

2. "Zero" (Arrow) Frank O'Rourke (Port Macquarie SC) 3-2-2-5-2 9pts

3. "Johnny B Goode" (Paper Tiger) Jon Pinkerton (Koonawarra Bay SC) 5-3-4-1-4 12pts

4. "Sirius" (Arrow) Kevin Kay (Speers Point SC) 4-6-6-2-3 15pts

5. "Against The Grain" (Paper Tiger) Greg Williams (Wagga Wagga BC) 7-1-5-10-7 20pts

6. "Hot Pepper" (Windrush Super Sloop) Warren Pfeffer (Speers Point SC) 2-13-3-15-6 24pts

7. "Slugish" (Maricat Cat Rig) Tim Hanns (Wagga Wagga BC) 8-4-7-16-8 27pts

8. "Alakazoom" (Paper Tiger) Neil Waterman (Koonawarra Bay SC) 14-7-8-3-11 29pts

9. "Jackpot" (Windrush Super Sloop) Jack Kroek (Port Kembla SC) 6-10-10-9-5 30pts

10. "Mojo" (Paper Tiger) Ian Marcovitch (Tuggerah Lakes MSC) 13-8-9-4-12 33pts

Windrush States Results

Super Sloop

1. Jack Kroek

2. Warren Pfeffer

3. John Van Meegan


1. Gary & Jack Schneider

2. Dino & Dante Olivieri

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