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Alpha F14 cats for sale

Darryl J Barrett

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ALL carbon fibre hulls, mast, beams, boom, spinnaker pole, tiller extension, etc, etc, F14 catamarans all up sailing weight 75kgs, standard with spinnaker, available now.

Race results show that these are the highest performing 14' cats in the world today, not by any "minor" amount, but so far out in front that you need "binoculars" to even see them ahead from on board any other 14' cat (and most 16' cats as well).

Better than 93% of the performance of an F18 at a considerable lesser price. Built to last and be fully competitive for many, many years.

Full price ready to sail/race ex workshop (minus only trailer)


Or buy a set of hulls and /or other components separately and build up your own F14!

Phone Darryl on 08 8326 0877 for any further information or just to talk.

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That is fully our intention Mal, but first our main priority is to "get more boats on the water" and that takes precedent (at the moment). We will have two, (hopefully three), racing here this season, then the emphasise will shift more towards competing (and promoting the “class”) at more diverse locations.

Besides, all the comparative race results that I have given, have been against accomplished sailors with many years of "high end" sailing experience and successes, including past and current national champions in their respective classes (and other classes), so please don't think that I have "selected" race results that favour us. There are many better results that we have had against "larger" cats that I haven't considered simply because of the "lesser" standard of the sailors in those races, or conditions that could be considered to have “favoured” us. I have tried to be as objective as possible, even erring on the side of the other cats that we have raced against, but I fully appreciate what you are saying that “seeing is believing” and with a little luck that should happen in the near future.

I have not said that the F14 can/will beat all the F18’s, basically what I have said is that the F14 can sail on the same course as the F18’s and not be “left in their dust”, and depending on the quality of the sailor, it is quite capable of finishing well “up the order” of the 18’s racing. Although it would be nice to actually win against the F18’s across the line, that has never been the object in reality, the primary object is to be able to sail competitively on the same course as the other formula cats and be able to be with them from start to finish without “being the last cats back on the beach” so that races and regattas become a more simple arrangement in relation to the number of starts, finishes, and courses that have to be set by the race committee.

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