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Koonawarra Bay 14ft Catamaran Regatta


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G'day all,

The 2007 Koonawarra Bay 14ft Catamaran Regatta will be held on the weekend of 10th & 11th February.

This regatta will incorporate the Windrush NSW State Championships. It will also be a round of the NSW Paper Tiger traveller's trophy.

Koonawarra Bay Sailing Club is located at the very eastern end of Kanahooka Road, Dapto.

There is a flyer on the club's website at www.koonawarrabaysc.org.au/main.html where you can also download a PDF version.

Also on the website are directions to the club, a list of local accommodation, and the Koonawarra Bay Yardsticks for 14ft catamarans.

If anyone needs any further information about the event, you can contact me on the numbers listed on the flyer or you can post the questions here and I will reply.

This will be the 14th running of this regatta. We really hope you can be a part of this great event.


Dave Stumbles

Koonawarra Bay SC

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Just a reminder to all 14ft catamaran sailors that this great regatta is on very soon (see details and link to website above).

Please note the race times:

Saturday 10th Feb:

11:00am Standard Course

2:00pm 2 Short Courses back-to-back

Sunday 11th Feb:

9:30am Standard Course

12:30pm Standard Course

All indications point to a good size fleet, so don't miss out on the action!

If anyone requires any further information, they can contact me on the numbers listed on the flyer, or post a reply here.


Dave Stumbles

Koonawarra Bay SC

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G'day all,

The 14th Koonawarra Bay 14ft Cat Regatta was held on the weekend and we saw another closely fought series in a variety of wind and weather conditions.

We had 23 boats in attendance, made up of 8 Windrushes, 5 Maricats, 9 Paper Tigers and Berny's 430/F14. These boats came from a wide area including Wagga Wagga, Tanilba Bay, Mannering Park, Concord Ryde and three of the local (Lake Illawarra) clubs.

The first three boats were only separated by one point, with second and third finishing on equal points just one point behind the winner!

In an amazingly consistent run over many years, the winner was once again Gary Schneider on the Windrush Super Sloop. And also as per last year, the runner-up was again his brother, Neal Schneider, on a Paper Tiger. Third on count-back was Ian Marcovitch, also on a Paper Tiger.

Saturday saw a light to moderate breeze for the first race, followed by a more moderate breeze in the afternoon for the two back-to-back short courses, utilising Koonawarra Bay's "gate course". This course is very popular with the competitors as it provides close, exciting and intense racing. While the Paper Tigers seemed to be closely bunched in nearly all the races, the Maricats had particularly close racing on the short courses.

That night, a heavy storm passed through the area providing a spectacular light show and also dumping a lot of rain. The campers all survived the experience and even seemed to enjoy the storm.

Sunday provided a rainy, squally start to the first race, which then eased to a more moderate breeze. This breeze continued into the afternoon for the final race.

The Windrush NSW State Titles were held in conjunction with the regatta. The winner was Gary Schneider, with John Kroek in second and Darren Schmidt in third. The Handicap prize went to Justin Turvey.

The regatta was greatly enjoyed by the sailors and their supporters. Next season's regatta is planned for the 9th & 10th February, 2008. Koonawarra Bay SC is located on Lake Illawarra at Kanahooka, about 15mins drive south of Wollongong, NSW. You can visit their website at www.koonawarrabaysc.org.au


Dave Stumbles

Regatta Coordinator

Koonawarra Bay SC

OVERALL RESULTS (on Yardstick Corrected Time)


1. Gary Schneider (Windrush S/S) Port Kembla, 8-1-4-1-3, 9pts

2. Neal Schneider (Paper Tiger) Oak Flats, 1-6-2-DNF-1, 10pts

3. Ian Marcovitch (Paper Tiger) Mannering Park, 2-3-3-5-2, 10pts

4. Wayne Eager (Paper Tiger) Koonawarra Bay, 9-4-1-3-6, 14pts

5. Jon Pinkerton (Paper Tiger) Koonawarra Bay, 3-5-5-4-4, 16pts

6. Kim Marcovitch (Paper Tiger) Mannering Park, 6-2-6-8-DNC, 22pts

7. Neil Waterman (Paper Tiger) Koonawarra Bay, 4-7-7-6-5, 22pts

8. Tony & Amie Zahra (Maricat Slp) Port Kembla, 17-11-9-2-7, 29pts

9. John Kroek (Windrush CR) Port Kembla, 7-9-8-7-9, 31pts

10. Darren Schmidt (Windrush S/S) Port Kembla, 11-8-10-DNF-8, 37pts

11. Justin Turvey (Windrush S/S) Mannering Park, 10-14-11-11-DNC, 46pts

12. Chris Zahra (Maricat CR) Port Kembla, 15-18-12-10-10, 47pts

13. Rodney & Zachary Anderson (Maricat Slp) Wagga Wagga, 18-10-14-9-DNC, 51pts

14. Steve Halliday (Paper Tiger) Mannering Park, 13-12-15-DNF-11, 51pts

15. Paul Leaudais (Windrush CR) Port Kembla, 14-13-13-DNC-13, 53pts

16. Keith Hamer (Windrush S/S) Port Kembla, 12-15-17-14-DNS, 58pts

17. Adrian Heap (Maricat S/S) Concord Ryde, DNC-17-18-12-12, 59pts

18. Lachlan Tucker (Maricat CR) Tanilba Bay, 5-19-16-DNF-DNC, 64pts

19. Matthew Ryan (Paper Tiger) Koonawarra Bay, 20-20-20-13-DNC, 73pts

20. Atta Ihsche (Paper Tiger) Koonawarra Bay, 16-16-19-DNC-DNC, 75pts

21. Ross Abraham (Windrush S/S) Port Kembla, 19-DNC-DNC-DNC-DNC, 91pts

22. Bern Leslie (430/F14) Concord Ryde, DNF-DNC-DNC-DNF-DNC, 96pts

22. Norm Thomson (Windrush S/S) Port Kembla, DNF-DNC-DNC-DNC-DNC, 96pts

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