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fibreglass hulls old fay type

Guest jeff

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can the old fibreglass fay hulls be made competive and still remain under weight?

Saw some advertised on the victorian newsletter on their website?

how old would they be?

is the $800 asking price too much?

thanks jeff

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G'day Jeff,

The trouble with the straight fibreglass hulls (as opposed to foam sandwich) is that they are too heavy for their stiffness. I have seen them close to weight, but they are rarely stiff enough. A foam sandwich boat is generally lighter and much stiffer.

Whether $800 is a good price or not depends on a lot more than just the hulls. If you aren't too far away from where the boat is it would be worth checking out.

It is likely to be quite old, as no straight glass boats have been built in a long time. So if you do have a look, check sail condition and especially corrosion on the mast, boom, beams and fittings.

If you are planning to race the boat competitively, it may be worth looking for a foam boat. However, the glass boats are pretty tough, so will handle a rough life compared to a ply boat or a foam boat.

Let us know if you need any more help.

Dave Stumbles

Publicity Officer


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