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Hiking tips


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I would aim at having the gunwale positioned somewhere between half way down the back of your thigh and the bottom of your butt cheek. The closer to your butt it is, the more comfortable it will be, but will be less effective for getting your weight out where it needs to be.

The position of the strap will be determined by this. The strap should be fairly tight, but allow enough give to roll sideways with your foot.

My straps are mounted so that they come from the top of the front beam, which gives them plenty of height to get your foot under. They are rivetted into the rear of the front beam and wrap around it (they go under it, up the front of it and then over the top towards the back). They are mounted to the back beam by square "U" bolts made of 3/16" stainless rod, threaded on each end. These go through the rear beam and have lock nuts on the rear of the rear beam. The footstrap has a loop sewn in the end that the U bolt slips through before fastening. I can provide pictures if required.

Also, you need to ensure you make use of the "bum comforter" rule, that allows the gunwale to be extended between the rear beam and the rear chainplate. Make sure this rolls nicely and is going to be comfortable. Avoid a sharp angle on the gunwale where your legs will be in contact with it.

You should aim at having your legs slightly bent, which makes it far more comfortable.

I would suggest rigging a temporary system and trying it before drilling holes in anything.

Let me know if you need any further assistance.


David Stumbles

Publicity Officer

Paper Tiger Catamaran International Association

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