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Tiger wanted in Qld

Pat D

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I'm looking for a Paper Tiger in Qld.

I'm situated in Hervey Bay (bloody beautiful place). If I can't find one in reasonable nick nearby, I would consider putting one together. Trouble is I want foam sadwich hulls. Can anybody tell me where I can get these. (Sorry I'm too lazy to build).

I hope to have this project completed by the beginning of the next sailing season.

Appreciate any help anyone can offer....


Pat D

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G'day Pat,

As mentioned in my e-mail to you last night, I had trouble posting to this site yesterday.

Foam sandwich Paper Tiger hulls can be purchased from Larry Fay at:

Australian Fibreglass Products Pty Ltd

U2/16 Amberley Crs Dandenong 3175

(03) 9792 1227

Please let me know if there is any other information you require.


David Stumbles

Publicity Officer

Paper Tiger Catamaran International Association

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