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some info for anyone who is building:

FGI have limited supplies of Uni' carbon cloth (190gsm I think, I still think in ounces).

FGI are at Clearview Pl Brookvale. They cut cloth. Ph 99387222

And for anyone who wants the old Gorilla grip (Don't see it much on cats, more on skiffs, but I am using it as deck grip),the company that made it has gone under. I got this info sent to me regarding what the skiff guys use now:

Metro Foam Products

15 Fariola Street

Silverwater NSW 2265

Ph 02 9748 8588

They call it EVA foam - comes in roughly 1m x 1m sheets and about 3mm thick. You can get it as either self adhesive or plain where you can use water resistant contact adhesive (after using both - go with the self adhesive much easier to use and stick like Sh** to a blanket)


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