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Paint techniques and colours


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Hi Guys,

Me again....

I am going to be using petitt easypozy paint. I will be using the Roll and Tip method to do my paint job. I have settled on white deck and bottoms with navy blue freeboard.

Do I paint the whole thing white first then do my colour coat? I am pretty good at painting around teh house and have done finishing techniques such as sponging, rolling, venitian plaster(actual plaster and not paint really). I had planned to do the base whit coat then tape off the lower portion of the hulls where the chines are.

I was thinking orange and black random tiger stripes but I think that would be too much :)

I am expecting delivery of my new sails in 3 weeks. I have sourced out a wind surfer mast to use as the pole for the hooter. My father gave me his old windward sheeting traveller car off of his J24, however the track does not seem long enough.

I am now getting down to the details. I know this stuff takes the longest, but the way I look at it, I have 3 weeks until the sails get here then I can go sailing finally!

I was down at teh local harbour(on lake ontario) the other day and watched some small monohulls tooling around, wind was a steady 15 knots with gusts up to 20. No white caps around as the area does not really build waves.

I am going to go over both hulls one more time with 600 grit wet/dry paper and then begin to paint.

SOOOOOOOOOOOOO cannot wait to get her out sailing. I just hope that all this work is worth it and I get to fly a hull(my main goal).


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