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Traveler recommendations?


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Hi Guys,

I have been looking at traveler setups. Wow, this stuff is EXPENSIVE! I was looking at the harken CB series, but if I can use something cheaper, it would be a lot better for me. Can any of you recommend something for me to look for as opposed to the 250 US dollar car and 190 dollar track?

I have been unable to find anything used. The one I did find ended up being a big boat version.


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Berny will put you right as he knows his stuff.

THose prices are mad and you just don't need to over engineer the boat.

Spend real money on sails, the rest can be found 2nd hand.

Originally posted by berny:

Chech this;


I have a rear beam with track and car which you could use. Cheap too.

my contact; bernyl'at'optusnet.com.au

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