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Hi All,

I am getting ready to replace the decks on my Tiger. I need to know how to remove them correctly and what material I should use to replace them.

I have found directions on how to scarf using a belt sander. That is the first tool I need to get. I am also going to be buying lots of clamps as well I think :)

Any directions on how to remove the decks with minimal damage would be appreciated. I was thinking I could use my dremel tool and a cut off wheel and go around, but I don't see how I could keep it straight. My father in law makes furniture and he has said I can use his tools if I need to(routers, planers, jointers, etc).


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a plane is enough to create the scarf joints.

Simply mark a line 25mm from the edge of the side you want to scarf, and plane down at an angle making sure the layers of the ply is parallel. Do this for each piece of ply.

To join the scarfs together - 2 options: 1. join as you attach each piece on the hull, or 2. lay the ply on the floor and glue together adding weight to the top of the scarf joint. For both my PT's I did option 1 as this was the quickest and easiest.

Removing the deck: I used a router with a cheap cutter bit - ie: one that is a straight shank and no ball bearing on the end. With the bit sticking out 3-3.5mm (for 4mm ply or 4-4.5mm for 5mm ply) run the router flat on the deck, over the gunwale, and over the beam pads, centreboard cases, and and beams/structures under the deck.

Once you have done this, either the deck will just fall through or use a hacksaw blade and just cut the deck away on the inside edge of the hull.

(use a cheap router bit as you will probably find nails/screws along the way, and you will just go straight through them - by the end, the bit was useless).

Once the deck has been removed, using a piece of timber abour 400mm long, 19mmx40mm, attach a length of 60-80grit sand paper.

With the hulls perfectly level (see my photos on http://photos.papertigercatamaran.org to how I did this - the pieces of white steel angle joining the two hulls), sand away the rest of the ply and the glue on the gunwale and all other structures that will touch the underside of the deck.

Once this is all done, you can now inspect the rest of the inside of the hull, and repair/strengthen anything you think needs it.

Now is the time to glue the deck on. The way I did it was simply using a staple gun with 14mm staples (but you can use nails and scrap ply). Put the glue on (which you should be using epoxy resin with glue powder) on the gunwale and anything else that needs it, then lay the ply on (whether you are laying the deck on in one piece or many), then just staple the ply to the gunwale, beam pads, beams, and around the centreboard case - MAKE SURE THE STAPLES DON'T GO FULLY INTO THE PLY. If they do, then this will be harder to get out later. have them sticking up about 3-4mm, so when the glue sets, you can use plyers to get them out.

Make sure you fill all the staple holes as water seems to get in for some reason.

I hope that helps.


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