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Tramp Track Tube


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Hrm... let me see..

I don't know of anyone buying a carbon track for their tramp. There is one person who made theirs for their boat.

Most people use an aluminium track that you can buy from an aluminium supplier. The track is usually used on caravans, etc.. for awnings, etc.. and it consists of a round bit (where the tramp slides in) with a flat bit attached (which gets screwed to the boat).

If you go to http://photos.papertigercatamaran.org and click on Neil Waterman's link, you will see how I attached the aluminium to the boat, under the deck (ie: between the deck and the gunwale so that the deck has nothing on it).

But most people simply screw it onto the top of the deck.

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From NSW we get our ply from Bruynzeel, Brookvale, NSW: http://www.yellowpages.com.au/onlineSolution_moreInfo.do?z=302100&headingCode=23477&listingPosition=4&iblName=Bruynzeel+Plywoods&iblId=135479&pageNumber=1&authToken=116719d05 f 7%7Cff8d6e6419e80ddf0632486a4c4f0fe1&st=bn

The ply is Gaboon/mahogany. Gunwale & centreboard posts are Ceder, and stringers are maple. well that's what I used anyway. there's no rules to what you can use, but ceder is light and maple is strong and light (depending on colour of it though).

When I went up to pick up the ply, I weighted every sheet to get the lightest. They didn't mind, but the sheets can range between 4kg and 8kg - which does make a difference in the weight at the end.

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