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2008 Paper Tiger Catamaran Australian Championships


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The 2008 Paper Tiger Catamaran Australian Championships were held at Hervey Bay Sailing Club in Queensland from 28th Dec to 5th Jan.

The defending champion, Greg Williams, won by just half a point from four-time winner Bryan Anderson. Former International Champion, Mark Wiggins finished third. The top three were all from Victoria, with Williams having moved there shortly after winning his previous title for NSW.

The series start was delayed because of the severe weather conditions over SE Queensland at that time. However, the organisers managed to get seven of the programmed nine races completed by the series end, with most of them being sailed in strong winds.



1. Against The Grain (Greg Williams, Vic) 2-2-2-2-2-1-10, 11pts

2. Fly'n Bry'n (Bryan Anderson, Vic) 1-1-1-eq5-1-2-14, 11.5pts

3. Roar Speed (Mark Wiggins, Vic) DNF-3-3-eq5-4-4-5, 24.5pts

4. Mojo (Ian Marcovitch, NSW) 7-7-7-3-6-7-1, 31pts

5. Broken Wind (Kim Marcovitch, NSW) 10-4-6-9-5-17-2, 36pts

6. Second Wind (Wayne Eager, NSW) 3-5-DNC-4-18-6-7, 43pts

7. Johnny B Goode (Jon Pinkerton, NSW) 4-DNC-DNC-1-3-5-4, 45pts

8. Boy At Heart (Mike Wold, Vic) 8-11-DNC-10-10-3-8, 50pts

9. Just In Time (Peter Anderson, Vic) 6-9-5-15-11-8-12, 51pts

10. Ere Wiggo Again (Ron Wiggins, Vic) 9-6-4-17-8-10-20, 54pts

Dave Stumbles

Publicity Officer

Australian Paper Tiger Catamaran Assoc.

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