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Nationals 2009


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G'day Humungus,

The Paper Tiger Nationals will be held at Mt Martha Yacht Club in Victoria. They will run from 28th December 08 (Measuring) to 5th January 09 (Final Race & Presentation).

Except for the last Nationals, we always run ours as a stand-alone event, as we have sufficient numbers to sustain it. We departed from this last time, as it was Queensland's turn to host the event and the only real option was Hervey Bay, as that is that state's biggest fleet and also where the organisers are from. Hervey Bay were also hosting the A Classes and the National E's (formerly Lazy E's). Many of our sailors voiced concerns about mixing such dissimilar classes for a Nationals. Interaction on the water proved to be fairly problem-free. The club's available man-power (spread over three classes) became more of an issue, especially given the difficult weather conditions experienced there at the time.

I would think that the host association for the next PT Nationals (the Victorian Paper Tiger Catamaran Assoc.) would not want to combine with any other classes, regardless of the class. When a class is large enough to hold its own event, there is really no benefit in combining with another class. Please don't take this as an elitist or snobbish attitude, it's just that the negatives outweigh the positives, given the current size of our class.

While I agree with your aim of combining with classes of a similar size and type, I would recommend linking up with a class that gets smaller fleets for its Nationals. Then there will be benefits for both classes involved.



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