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New or Old PT?


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Around 1996 I had an old ply Paper Tiger which I loved to bits. Had to move States and couldnt take it with me. Left it with friends. Sadly they didnt realise the flexing was normal and it ended up on fire heap. No phone call nothing, its gone.

Hobie 14 is well, ok, but I miss the PT.

Im after advice on what I should look for, a fiberglass PT or timber. I weigh 70kg.

My PT was my first multihull experience and I sailed it in upto 20kt+ winds here in Port Stephens. It had red hulls so was really really FAST lol.

Ive looked about on the net and most are in Vic, a bit too far for me to go and get.

Trailer isnt really a problem, Im sure it would fit on a hobie 14 trailer.

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Are there any clubs nearby that race PT's ?

I'm in SA so don't really know where all the tiger sailors are in NSW.. Keep checking back here as i know there are a couple of NSW guys that post here from time to time.

I don't think it matters if you get a fiberglass or ply PT, the timber ones probably need more maintenance, but if you damage them they are easier to repair, so it's swings and roundabouts.

If you are thinking about racing at a competitive level, make sure you check with someone from the NSW association before you buy a boat. If you just want to cruise around and have fun, as long as the boat looks in good nick it should be fine!

Good luck.

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G'day Leenuks,

Tom has provided some good advice. I should be able to fill in the blanks, as I am the Secretary of the NSW PT association. It is not unusual for someone who has experienced the shear pleasure of sailing a Paper Tiger to want to keep doing it! They are simply an excellent boat to sail.

I know of five boats for sale in NSW at the moment, with a range of prices and ages. They are spread around the place, with one on the Central Coast, two in Sydney, one on the South Coast and one in Wagga. I have an extensive list of boats (including these five) that are currently for sale in Australia, which I can send to you. Is it possible for you to post your e-mail address here?

I agree with Tom's statements about ply or foam sandwich, but seeing how well foam sandwich Paper Tigers age, they are hard to go past.

Port Stephens is an excellent place to sail. The NSW PT fleet would love to support you by having a regatta there at some stage or joining in with an existing club regatta. Do you sail at a particular club?

We have a fleet at Mannering Park (south end of Lake Macquarie), a boat at Toronto (north end of Lake Macquarie) as well as two fleets in Sydney, a fleet in Wollongong (Koonawarra Bay SC) and a fleet at Wagga. There are also a couple of boats on the North Coast around Trial Bay.

We will do all we can to help you find a suitable boat and, as mentioned, would enjoy the opportunity to sail at Port Stephens.

Koonawarra Bay SC will be hosting the 2009 Paper Tiger Catamaran International Championships over the Easter weekend. This is a contest held two years out of every three, between Australia and New Zealand. We have a team of at least ten boats coming from New Zealand, as well as 30 boats from all over Australia. Drop down and have a look if you get the chance. You can find out more on our event website at http://internationals2009.papertigercatamaran.org


Dave Stumbles



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Hi Leenuks,

I was just looking on ebay, and there is a timber PT listed in Sydney for $175 (at the moment). From the pictures it looks in OK nick, apart from the owner says the mast is now broken.. Might be worth a phone call to see if it would suit you though, wouldn't be too hard to find a 2nd hand mast and swap the fittings across.

I don't know how to post links to ebay, just typed in "catamaran".

Off topic, who's is the "multiple world champion" PT listed on ebay at the moment ?

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The "World Championship" Paper Tiger listed on ebay is 2140, Papillon. It was previously owned by Peter Anderson (Victoria) who is the father of the current National Champion, Bryan Anderson.

Peter has won four Paper Tiger International Championships (1976, 1977, 1978 and 1997), though not sure which of these were won on Papillon.

Peter is firmly established as a "legend" of the Paper Tiger class. He will be competing in the 2009 Internationals, to be held at Koonawarra Bay SC (NSW) over Easter. The last time it was held at Koonawarra Bay is also the last time Peter won the event!

Check the event website at http://internationals2009.papertigercatamaran.org/

His son Bryan is featured on the blue boat in the picture at the top of each page of the site, which is a cropped version of the photo on the "Sailors Information" page.



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Cheers Dave, that's pretty creative advertising then, as i'm sure Peter won his last internationals sailing "The Blue Peter".. I guess i could advertise my PT as having won a number of international titles too.. (don't tell anyone that the number is zero)

It has won 9 State titles though smile.gif

Good luck with the hosting of the internationals this year, i'm sorry i can't make it.. Hopefully Holden will work out if they are going broke or not and i can start making plans again soon!

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