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Some thoughts from the recent Nationals in SA regarding PT class development..

There have been a few rule changes recently, and there are some differences in the boats now with some boats using very high aspect daggers, and some timber boats using slightly different hull shapes (playing around with rocker to get a longer waterline within the constraints of the rules)

At the end of the regatta Bryan won with a boat that has the same hull/foil configuration he has used for the last 10 years.

I was speaking to Bryan about the various different sails (he's raced and won with just about every different brand!) and his opinion was that the differences were in the details rather than the redhead being dominant as it would appear to an outsider looking at this regatta.

It seems to me that the rules encourage individual thinking, but in the end it's up to the skipper which has got to be a positive thing for the class.

It was enjoyable to see a lot of different configurations of systems, congratulations to the PT skippers on presenting some boats with incredible attention to detail and innovation.

I'm looking forward to our upcoming State Titles so i can try out some ideas gleaned from observation and conversation over the nationals regatta..

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