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Mannering Park 14ft Cat Regatta


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Of course EVERYBODY knows about this so I don't think anyone has worried about mentioning it, so I will.

October 9th 10th.

Seen as the dogs whatsits for 14ft Cats. We've had Bundock and Brewin in past years. If you have a 14ft cat it's a worthwhile regatta at whatever level you are or want to be.

I should say I don't have any authority to do this but I'd quite like anyone to turn up.


Which states:

The Mannering Park Amateur Sailing Club 14ft Catamaran Regatta 2010 will be conducted on the waters of Southern Lake Macquarie over the Weekend, 9th – 10th October 2010. Owners and charterers of eligible boats are invited to enter the regatta on the conditions of this Notice of Race. The races are organised and conducted by the Mannering Park Amateur Sailing Club.

NOR is posted there too, under regattas.


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Thanks Jimbo

Had a notification come up on my Facebook page the other day saying XXXXXX ZZZZZZZ (some one, cant remember his name) has cancelled/deleted Mannering Park 14 foot Regatta.

I nearly had a coniption, until I checked the Manno Web site and found that the regatta had'nt been cancelled.

Cheers Phil



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Ross and Warren Guinea sailed at Foster on their NACRA 430s, They were undecided about coming to Manno. The boats were staying down but they were not sure if they would sail.

They sailed in the open formula class at Foster, so it was pretty hard to judge their performance. They sailed the shorter windward returns while we sailed the triangles.

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What an interesting weekend (but not for me!!). One race on Sat then the wind died to nothing for the rest of the day. Come Sunday though, blowing like stink (for me anyway). Norah Head shows obs of between 15 gusting 25 SE so by the time it got to Manno (only a few K's) is was probably 12-20.

As usual the wind wasn't in the normal direction so no benefits to the locals.

Three 430's there with the two 'factory' jobbies. The 430 seems to go about as well as an expertly sailed Windy super sloop.

Just be nice to see the results listed somewhere.

OH, and thanks to the organisation crew, well run regatta with the big breeze allowing five races between 10 and 1pm. Good starting practice at least!


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