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Change of Owner for Catsailor


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Hello All,

As the owner of the catsailor.net site since its inception, I am very pleased to be able to announce that Robert Nixon has taken over the running of catsailor.net. Robert has completed a very large upgrade process and spent many hours getting the forum updated and more features added to the site.

I hope that for all the sailors that have used this site and have found the information posted to be useful, will continue to make this forum grow with well formulated ideas and positive comment.

My hope is that we continue to have this site primarily focused on Australian and NZ cat sailing and you help Robert by supporting his shop.

I have just started sailing cats again after a 2 year break. I am remembering why catsailing is such a great sport and why I have been doing it since I was introduced to cats through my dad when I was 11.


Please please help wherever you can to make this sport something our kids can enjoy and don't leave it to the ever shrinking group of people that actually put the work in on the land and sea so we can all have fun. It would be sad that my 18mth old does not experience the absolute joy that you have sailing in a 100+ cat fleet all coming to the bottom mark in 20+ knts... I have yet to find anything that makes you realise better that life is about living, not working !

Anyway .... back to work for me :) so I can pay for the next entry fee at a great regatta


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