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2010 W I L D C A T REGATTA 2-3-4 OCT Long Weekend


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Ah the WILDCAT. Three days of racing as many nights of partying.

This is the one not to miss. Wind and more wind, whether it's a smoking Sou'wester or a ripping Nor'easter. This place has it all.

This year we're adding more Kransky's to the BBQ, we've polished the big screen and filled the gas bottles.

Kitcat regatta for the kids and cocktails for the unfortunates on shore.

Screaming reaches for those on the water..

Put it on the calendar, 2-3-4 October.

Be here. It really is all about the love...

The love of hot sun and afternoon beers on the shore.

The jangle of halyards in the breeze as the sun sets over the water.

A BBQ or three firing and the cheese and crackers coming out with beers in the esky slurry.

Catch up with mates and friends from previous years.

Meet new sailors and share the fun of a great weekend.


Racing will be as always. Serious as possible, with maximum fun.

F18 travelers series and hopefully some 14's will turn up this year...

This is a pants off weekend.

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