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Sail 4 Palsy Update - Cairns to Townsville on 14ft Cat


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Hello All!

Just thought i would post a quick update on the Sail 4 Palsy Adventure. There has been a huge number of changes and events since last time information was posted in the event. Please visit www.sail4palsy.org for the full outline. Be Sure to check out the Gallery (www.sail4palsy.org/gallery) for our latest photo's, the Blog for the latest updates and events page for what is coming up!

Remember the more sailors the merrier! If you are interested in joining in on the Sail, for part of or the full week, please visit www.sail4palsy.org/jointhefleet.

Offer your advice, information and tips! I would love to here from the sailing community - www.sail4palsy.org/contact!

Peter Hodgson

Sail 4 Palsy

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Hey yipp pete is buried in uni atm but word is maybe a townsville to mackay, i sailed in the last one and it was fucken awsome! this is not something you can go to the ticket office and buy a ticket is is a very very special event and if you get the oppertunity to join one of pete`s fundraisers then just do it, it is a once in a life time experience..

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