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F16 Price: Falcon versus Aussie Blade

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Now that the $AUS has hit parity with the greenback [i remember it touched 48 cents back in about 2003] out of interest I checked out the price of a F16 Falcon, made in Florida. Their website [http://www.falconmarinellc.com/falcon.html] lists 2010 prices. The base boat with complete F16 sloop rig (Glaser sails) is priced at $16,990. Packaging and container for shipping is $750. I have no idea what the shipping cost to Oz would be.

Formula Catamarans Australia (http://www.formulacatamarans.com/pricing.html) lists the base price of a cat rigged Blade at $21,000.

Both prices are based on aluminium masts.

I haven't seen any recent Viper prices to include AHPC in the comparsion, but I expect they would be struggling to be competitive price-wise in the US, even though built in Asia.

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