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F16 Worlds


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The Formula 16 Governing Council have for some time been in consultation with interested parties in respect of a 2011 Championship.

Following a vote held this last week among members of the Governing Council the 2011 F16 Worlds are awarded to the newly formed F16 Association France by 11 votes in favour, 0 votes against and 2 no-votes.

The venue: Étang de Carcans, Bordeaux 45.090085,-1.136681

The dates: July 16th – 23rd 2011

The Organising Club: CVBCM- Cercle de Voile de Bordeaux

194 Rue Fondaudège


Tel: – fax:



A website for the NOR and information on the regatta and available accommodation will be published shortly.

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Day 3

Bundy in front now. That will make tornado happy ;).

Impressive performance by the 2 juniors Matt and Taylor. Obviously more at home on the speedy Viper than the appalling SL 16.

The previous results link should still work.

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Need to re-read your blue book there Tornado. Aido is right.

???? Haven't got a current Blue Book. What's the ruling? I would have thought that with scores and individual results being equal, Bundy with a better result in the dropped race would be ahead.

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Sounds like I don't want to meet you on the course!

Very nice John, I have a fairly good grasp of the race rules, particularly regarding right of way on the race course. Have not got a current book because I have only just returned to boat ownership (Taipan) after a couple years. Perhaps I will meet you on the course some day when I get an A Class!

From the ISAF site

If there is a series-score tie between two or more boats, each boat’s

race scores shall be listed in order of best to worst, and at the first

point(s) where there is a difference the tie shall be broken in favour

of the boat(s) with the best score(s). No excluded scores shall be


So results after 6 races should show

Bundy - 1, 1, 1, 2, 2, [2]

Waterhouse - 1, 1, 1, 2, 2, [3]

With "no excluded scores shall be used" means we still have a tie.

A8.2 If a tie remains between two or more boats, they shall be ranked in

order of their scores in the last race.

Bundy's 6th race was a 2nd. Waterhouse a 1st, hence giving Waterhouse the lead. A harsh way of splitting it but they are the rules.

I am happy for Bundy, but would love to see Waterhouse and Goodall come up to grab this one.

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Bundy is a class above anyone near the top of this field although I haven't personally seen the seppos sail. I figure in Bundy's case it will get down to how good the crew is.

You'd be welcome in the A's any time of course. Plenty of good boats at keen prices for sale in Vic.

That rule for the ties was changed a few books ago - late 80's'early 90's I think, as there were a surprising number of ties which couldn't be resolved in titles. Very empty feeling for those who tied I understand - so they found a way. I remember Brian Hooper and Greg Goodall tying for the Aus A Class title in 1982. Now there are two very good sailors still able to compete at the highest level.

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Check out this video on YouTube:

Thanks to the wonders of modern technology you get to see the seppos sail John. I think you'll agree that they go pretty hard. These guys are still just kids.

Bundy has made it almost impossible to beat him now. As if it wasn't already.

2 drops after 9 races seems a bit excessive tho ?????


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Nice Aido - what happened at the end - not in the footstrap hard enough? Now all they have to do is buy another boat, find two girls to helm and they're good to go to Brazil!

Agree on the two drops. I try and write NOR 's with one drop after 9 as in the last AUS A Nats. I reckon anything more rewards poor boat preparation and slack sailing like capsizes and OCS. Nothing like a one drop series and a black flag start to focus the mind!

Having said that, my next regatta has two drops after 9 - bloody sooks

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