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Rigging 4.8 Maricat


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I've just purchased an old 4.8 Maricat & am rigging it up, to see what bits & pieces I need to get her into the water.

My main questions are in regards to the jib setup & what the two sets of small pulleys are just behind the mast step. They have a small sheet that runs through covers on the tramp then through two small cleats and loops back around through the tramp and out to another set of cleats on the other hull. I assume they are for the jib but can't see how they work.

There are also a couple of fittings at the base of the mast (a metal yoke with a small hole at the end) and (metal loop on top of beam just behind the mast step) and (a small metal groove that has a sheet in it on the starboard side of the mast).

It also could do with a new tramp, any clues on where to get one?

So if anyone knows how the rig it up or has a photo of one rigged I would appreciat it very much.


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The originally rigged 4.8 was only rigged with a boomless mainsail and had mast adjustments like the Paper Tiger.... with lower sidestays off the mast about about 1/2 way down from the stay attachment point on the mast. As well had a lower forestay . This was adjustable to power up or depower the rig by mast bend....rather than use spreaders.

Originally designed as a one man on trapeze racer. But they have enough buoyancy for 2 crew and you may have to experiment as to where to run a jib off without seeing the boat as is. Had one once. You may find just the main alone is enough in a good breeze.

Good luck!!


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