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A good opportunity: Italian a class catamarans to be shipped to perth


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BIMARE's boatyard finalized the sale of no 2 BIMARE V1R A class catamarans to an Australian customer living in Perth.

Since there is room in the 40' container for other boats (either V1Hs and V1Rs A cats or X-16s or X-2s F18HT) BIMARE is pleased to make known to other catamaran enthusiasts living in Wester Australia this opportunity.

The favourable exchange rate makes BIMARE boats very cheap:

for istance for an A class cat you can expect to pay from AUD 19,500-24,000 range all included (complete boat with beach dolley, foils' covers, shipping, VAT, customs duties etc).

For more details see BIMARE website:


and Email to:


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