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Maricats at Port Kembla

Pointed Reply

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Five Maricats joined with 78 other boats for the Kembla Klassic. There were 20 small cats, 5 Windies, 5 Maris, a Nacra 14sq, a Nacra 430 and 9 Paper Tigers.

Maris were Adrian Heap and Rob Fowler and young Jean-Luc Stevens from Concord. Tony and Ami Zahra from PK and Pointed Reply (the elder)-- Zac had cricket commitments.

The Zahra's had a win in heat one and Adrian sailed well for a good win in heat 4. Saturday afternoon was up to 25-30 knots and was a survival test. Most boats retired with Rob testing the depth of the lake with his new Brewin sail. Two Paper Tiger broke or bent masts and a few of the bigger cats ripped sails. Mari boats and crews all survived. Sunday was light and variable and a bit shifty...

The courses were big with lots of interesting interaction with other boats and classes.

It was a good week end.

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