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Have been sailing a windrush for past 3 years as sloop rig with and without teenage crew. My weight is 84kg and crew c 45+. It's a lot of fun and easy to rig etc. My boat is old and a heavy and probably won't see out too many more seasons.

I am looking for options for my next cat.. Tried a monohull Tasar and decided it was not me...

Taipan 4.9 is very attractive but maybe a bit expensive to get into. (Acyually this is my preference..)

Nacra 5.0 - I don't know anything about them ...

Hobie 16' - is it too much for 1 person to lauch and rig. There are some which are relatively inexpensive - but are they too heavy especially when cf taipan.

Any other breed recommended?.. quality, inepxensive, hold value, easy to rig, can be sailed 1 or 2. We sail for pleasure when we get time at Jervis Bay??



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Guest The Kringle

As you sail at J Bay, come down to the Plantation Pt saling Club and chat with the Cat sailers there.

There is a number of differnt size cats that sail every Sunday. They would be more that happy to have another boat and help you all they can.


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Hey Catmitten,

If price is an issue you could try either a second hand wooden or glass Stingray or Cobra. Great fun boats - baby Tornados. Still quite a few around and particularly strong in QLD. New glass boats now being exported to Europe by Catfacory near Newcastle.

Check out www.stingray-cobra.com.au

Stephen Medwell

Team Tornado ALIVE



supported by

Club Marine (Boat Insurnace)

Seawind Catamarans

Finlease (Marine Finance)

Sign*A*Rama - Petersham

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G'day catmitten,

I'm a Taipan sailor and am extremely happy to be one. I sail my boat solo. You are quiet right that they can be a little expensive to get into. This is due to the one of the criteria that you are looking for. Namely that the boat hold its value.

Taipans hold their value very well due to the excellent quality of their manufacture and the long competitive life they have plus the fact they are a great boat to sail with growing fleets and very strong competition.

You may wish to have a look at the Taipan website if you haven't already.


There are a few second hand 4.9s advertised there and there are some around for as little as $5,000.

Good sailing whatever your choice of boat.

The current Australian Sailing magazine has a feature on the 4.9 if you're interested also.

Rob Wilson

Taipan 4.9 AUS175.

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Hi Catmitten, depending on how important it is to you to be able to sail cat rigged have you considered the Nacra 5.8?

We are complete novices, having never sailed a cat before we bought ours last August & despite the fact that we were advised by a number of people that we were too light for her (105kg all up, recommended optimum is 135kg) we have not experienced any problems sailing on our local Lake Samsonvale where winds can be flukey & strong.

We love our 5.8, she is fast, strong, reliable & easy to handle on the water. Also the guys at Brisbane Catamaran who make them are very helpful. We are particularly impressed with the way in which we, as novices, can fly a hull & feel in control.

When researching boats we found there are plenty of good 5.8s available in the sub $5k - $5.5k bracket (sans kite).

The only -ve comment we would make (it's the only valid one we have heard anyone make is that they are heavy - 165kg v Taipan 105kg, but the boomless sail is fantastic!

For the weight reason we are planning to order a new boat in a couple of months time & the decision is between the Taipan 4.9 & Inter 17. Have not tried either on the water yet & that will be the decider. Love the way the Taipan goes but are so impressed with the build qual of the Nacra (Inter is also built by Bris Cat).

You might like to look at the Taipan site as linked on Rob Wilson's reply above. One of their members has produced a video of 2002 Taipan Nats which also has mixed class regattas in a couple of other venues. You can see all sorts of cats, Nacras of various sizes, Taipans, various Hobies, Tornados etc etc all competing side by side & compare their speed, tacking ability & sailing style (the Taipans seem to dance on the water - exciting stuff). We watch the video every day & have learnt a lot just by watching how the experienced guys do it! There is a clip on the site for you to download - well worth it.

On the Taipan site also have a look at "Slimey's" column - "A Big Day On The Fox Hat" - Inspiring stuff "One day......."

Finally, whilst it is a long way from you there is a Taipan 4.9 advertised in the Brisbane Courier Mail today for $3000.00! Described by the owner as Exc Cond, Sail no 001, wooden hulls, garaged, trlr reg to 05/03. Phone no 07 3869 3087.

Good luck with the decision, shall be interested to hear the outcome.

David Bosley - Nacra 5.8 - 718 "Liquidator"

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