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Hobie 16 for sale + Looking for cheap Nacra Inter 17 (or similar)


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Looking for a Nacra Inter 17 with spinnaker as I have mastered my Hobie 16.

Hobie 16 on registered Redco trailer with sailbox (registration expires mid 2011).

White sails (main and jib) sails number 99983.

Trampoline in good condition, no soft spots in hull.

Traveler, triple block main sheet, jib car block sliders, 4 trapeze lines, beach roller.

Rudder mounts and cams are slop free (cams have been replaced and Teflon bushes installed for a tight fit on rudder pins)

It is an older model boat and needs a gel coat, but besides that all is in fairly good condition.

Is being used on regular basis. Happy to take you for a sail.

1 Burken trapeze harness and Body Glove life vest included, and some spares.

Note to potential buyer: always check hulls, ask for spares and do go for a sail. Ask seller to rig / de-rig the boat together with you; lower/raise the mast and even take it off/ put it on the trailer. It is so much easier for someone to show you how it works rather than trying to figure things out yourself afterward.


(Shows boat with my previous set of sails "Pepsi")

Price $1800 AUD without trailer, $2300 AUD with trailer.

Located at Lake Tinaroo.

Atherton, QLD Australia

0412 163 136


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