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Quick Sale Nacra5.8


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Nacra 5.8 FOR SALE

QUICK SALE- Nacra 5.8 for sale! Sail number 1621. Boat is in good condition kept under shelter. Sails, mast only a couple of seasons old. New side stays and forestay. Boat comes on trailer with sailbox. The boat isn't getting used it's just sitting there. It is a good fast boat and has a good history with racing.


I live in lake macquarie and I can be contacted about the boat on 0422441911

Cheers Andrew

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5.8 pics

Hi dave, I havnt been able to get any recent pics on yet but there are some i posted in november if you look at the add i posted then.. the running gear is all in good condition.. the boat was also painted black before i bought it so i dont know if thats going to make it hard to interest people or not. it is a fast boat though with good history..

and yes its on a registered trailer..

cheers andrew..

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