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Nacra 5.8 Wanted


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Hi All,

I currently have a 5.0 and my son and I are ready for the next step !

I am interested in purchasing a good condition 5.8 on reg trailor to race at KCC Botany Bay.

If there are any 5.8's out there in goog nick , please advise asap.

I'm a ready to for the next step.


Dave W

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hi dave, might have one for you. my deckhand is all grown up and we need dual purpose boat looking at taipan 4.9. the sail number is 829. in good condition, new racing sails 2.8k and practice sails. new stay wires. needs new tramp $500 just blew it out last race meeting. give me a call if your interested will want 6k for the rig we are on the sth coast nsw batemans bay area. 0409 718 222

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