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Windy 14 Mk1 jib sheet(s)


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I've got an old Mk1 Windy 14 which I bought 18mths ago for $750 with a good trailer thru eBay . After some repairs to the older style deep rudders, some new rivets in the tramp rails and general replacement of bent fittings, I took it for a spin in 20knt winds at Anglesea Vic 2 weeks ago. WHAT A BLAST!! So fast, so smooth and easier to sail than my original cat rigged Hawke surfcat!! At 64 yo I relived 1975 when I last cat sailed in Perth!

Some questions as a result:

How long should the main sheet be? It ran out right to the triple block, with the traveller in the middle of the rear beam when I was on a run, but the sail could have gone out further.

Should there be 2 jib sheets each passing thru a sheave on the jib anchored one end back to a jam cleat next to the mast and the other end through the traveller jam cleat, or one continouous sheet tied at its mid point to the clew of the jib and the 2 ends tied together behind the mast? (That's the way I rigged the jib and it worked ok)


Bruce Golder


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Hi Bruce,

1 end of the jib sheet should be tied around the forward beam thru the eyelet in the tramp then up thru 1 of the blocks at the clew, back thru the cam cleat, across the tramp, thru the other cam cleat, up to the 2nd block at the clew and down to the forward beam and tied off.

The main sheet should be long enough to let the traveller right out and boom out near the back stay and back to you. The pulleys have probably been upped from 2:1 to 3:2 or something like that and the original sheet re-used.

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