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Arrow hull wanted (NSW)


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Does anyone have a spare (port/left) hull ? Average condition (or better) is suitable as long as the hull is reasonably water tight. No fittings are required either. Paint condition is unimportant as I had to strip down & repair the hulls when I first bought the arrow cat about ten years ago. I don't remember when I built my (1st) arrow cat back in 1974 if the hull are the same or a mirror image of each other. My current (2nd, builder unknown), cat has a broken rear crossbeam frame & rot in the (under-deck) side timbers causing a lot of twisting & lifting of the deck, etc. This hull is too old to consider repairing again due to many minor structural repairs I have had to do. I believe that this cat was 'rebuilt/rebirthed' using different hulls & other main parts from two possibly damaged arrow cats at Port Macquarie. A pair of good hulls, depending on cost & location would be considered as all the structural beams & other parts are in very good condition. My location is Lake Macquarie, near Newcastle, NSW. Thanks, Rod.

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