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Tensioning the jib strop on a maricat 4.3

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Hi, I recently got the old family maricat up and going again, and have been having a great time with it.

I find though, that as hard as I pull on the jib halyard, it just doesn't get any tension, and after a few minutes in the wind it is sagging a lot. Is it meant to be really tight? I get the feeling it should be. At the moment I raise the jib on its own line (I'm calling it a jib strop), and cleat it at the base of the mast. There is only one sheave up where all the stays connect to the mast. The wire is shackled to the bridle ring, and I also use a short rope to tension and tie the corner of the sail to the same ring.

Does any one have any ideas? I think I'll try a bottle screw on the halyard (there's no room at the end of the jib strop). But I don't know how well this will work.


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So I'm assuming here that you have a jib with a zipper in it (zipper luff) or is it a sewn forestay. Most/all of the guys with the zipper luffs run the halyard back down inside the zipper luff and shackle it back onto the chain plate at the top of the bridle (the 2 wires coming from each bow) then use a cord purchase to tension the jib luff at the bottom of the forestay. If its a sewn in forestay its a set and forget operation. I have the jib on the forestay when I put the mast up (of course) and then just tension my jib luff before I leave the beach to whatever the wind strenght I reckon I will encounter.

And yes it should not be too saggy/loose.

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