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Two Interesting observations


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Hi all ,

Just an interesting observation in regard to an article in todays Herald Sun ( dads copy ).

Point one is :

The article was designed to showcase sailing to the general public especially the Sail Melbourne event going on down here in Victoria .

So what is the main picture in the article of to draw Joe publics eye ? Bundy and Ashby of course in full flight on a mighty Tornado !!

Wonder if taking the Multihull class out of the olympics was a good move ????

Tornado will be the only thing moving in Quindao .

Point 2 :

Our sport really is misunderstood by media and public alike . Here are word for word " TERMS FOR LANDLUBBERS " section for the article to help explain some of the sailing Jargon the public may encounter down at the bay while attending any of the events .

" MAIN : The lowest square sail on the mainmast"

"JIB: A triangular foresail in front of the foremast"

you have to wonder if these guys have internet dont you ????

All the best ,


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