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hull repairs??


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Hi all,

As new sailors, in a case of our karma tracking us down we incurred a small hole the size of a 20c piece in the hull of our Nacra 5.0 on the weekend.

It is pushed in, and would let water in, but has some substance there to build on to.

How easy is this to repair as a DIY?

Also we have a number of scratches I would like to fill and clean up, so any advice of=n that would be gr8.

Finally we have a small leak and the bottoms are thin after running on to sand etc, do I build them up and gel coat them at the same time with the same stuff, whatever it may be?

I am going to get a new bridle foil since ours is slightly bent, and the cables have some surface rust on them ...any advice there also appreciated.

I am also contemplating fitting a better downhaul, maybe 6:1 or 10:1.


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Hi, yes spoke to cat centre re a new foil, not as expensive as i thought, about $300 for the foil and wires, not sure what is involved in assembling it, I am a bit of a DIY person given the chance. It is bent as in the bend you get when you run into a pylon, much more than the prebend it comes with. Hole in the hull is next major concern

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