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The W I L D C A T - A Teaser


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The Wildcat is turning 40.

Really, it’s as simple as that. So this year we get to sail and have a party.

Actually, we’ve been doing that for the past forty years.

I could tell you about wild storms and wild nights, the music and the parties. The Wildcat has reared World champions, National, State and Olympic champions, we’ve seen great friends come and sadly go. The Wildcat has hosted sailors from around the world and all around Australia with one thing in common…
A passion for sailing. So…

Live the life, love the sailing and be a part of the WILDCAT.

October 1,2,3 2011.

Because most of us don’t remember 71, I’ve included a few random facts. Gleaned 2011 style from Wiki.

It’s 1971 and Apollo 14 has landed on the moon, Idi Amin is in power and the Opera House was still being built.
The Vietnam war was on and South Vietnam was invading Laos and busily creating the world most expensive landscape.
Evil Knievel is alive and jumping cars- but yet to jump the Grand Canyon.
Bangladesh doesn’t exist, the Watergate Hotel in Washington is a nondescript hotel.
Charles Manson is sentenced to death. Bangladesh is formed and Neville Bonner enters parliament.
The Door closes on Jim Morrison, fat and dead and Charles Manson gets life.
The World Trade Centre is the tallest building in the world, Apollo 15 goes up- and takes a car for a run around the moon.
The Aussies and Kiwi’s decided that Vietnam is no holiday and pull out.
Northern Ireland and the Britz are at it bombing and shooting each other.
Khmer Rouge attack Phnom Penh and a lot of planes seem to crash- pre-empting a 2010 TV series- Air Crash Investigators.
The Springboks arrive in Australia and there is a huge shit-fight over the Boks playing.
The Rabbits defeated the Dragons in the NSW Rugby League Grand Final and Kialoa wins the Sydney to Hobart.
The first ever Wildcat regatta is held during Forster’s Oyster festival.
Margaret Fulton is a cook and people cook to eat.
Any girl celebrating her 21st is now celebrating retirement and her 62nd birthday with grandkids. All the blokes who are 62 think they’re 21.
All the boats we’re sailing on have never been made and most of the stuff we use hasn’t been invented.
Petrol came in two types and beer was made, canned or bottled and drunk. Not dry, cold filtered, low carb or light from Europe or even Tassie.

So the Wildcat is 40, be a part of the party and bring something from the past!
There are no exceptions, so grab the ABBA, Billy Joel, DuranDuran albums, slip on the Shit catcher pants, slip into a mini, fire up the Torana, snap on a Headband, grab a Bjorn Borg tennis racquet, the Compass and TAA bags, find the stubbies and tie-dyed shirts, a packet of Camels and a carton of KB.
Then sing a song about Hunter Street, ponder the chance of a Cyclone slapping Darwin in a few years. Wonder how on earth you could possibly carry a phone around with you and be amazed by playing tennis on the telly.
Then, pack it all together grab a sheila or a crew and head to Forster.

This is big and it’s the Wildcat.
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