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Looks like a pretty big project Alex, how are you going to get it out of the house? You will have to take it all apart again.

I will be interested to find out where you get some of the parts because I have had trouble sourcing locally a few things for my Hydra (basically the same as a Tornado but 4 feet smaller).

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Getting in and out of the house is no problem. (Dissassembled- It's back out now)

It only went into the living room to set the beams, level surface and it doesn't rain inside.

As for parts, the rear beam is a Capricorn section which is the same spec as the T

Front beam from the association.

Some stuff you can use generics. Self tacking track, rudder stocks,etc.Mast step/dolphin striker you can make up yourself or adapt similar.

The are suppliers overseas and if worst case you can get stuff from Goran Marstrom.

His gear is of exceptional quality and priced accordingly.

I will post links to a couple of the big UK and US cat part suppliers on the blog.

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