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Tudor insurance was recommended to me. Who do you guys use?

I want to insure the whole thing for about $6000 that would be reasonable for an 89 model 5.8 wouldn’t it?

They want me to put a price on individual parts like, hulls, rigging etc. It’s all very confusing because if a hull needs replacing, the cost of the hull will come in under the total agreed value of the boat, but if I divide the total agreed value amongst components, I will never get enough money to actually replace the hull etc. What sort of prices should I be putting on hull, and mast spars sails and rigging, and trailer. (I have no clue what they are worth on their own, but I guess that the total replacement cost of all of them would be much more than $6000 and I don’t want to pay premiums for a $27000 boat)

I would have thought that it would work the same way as it does for cars… eg if the repair cost exceeds the agreed value, its written off and you get the full payout and they get the boat. Any other boat insurance work this way? They also want to know the sail material. Its just the normal white material, I don’t know the technical term for it.

Any tips or advice would be very helpful smile.gif

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Guest Thing

Dennis, We use Suncorp Insurance This insurance has around the bouy racing cover you will find Club Marine has one the same As far as the break down for your insurance this is stand for most policies Put down $1000 for trailer, sails and rigging $2000 and hulls $3000 Sails are made of Dacron material Thing

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