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i just missed buying this cat any suggestions on where i could find one like it??

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So i just missed out on purchasing this cat. I t had a minute to go when i opened it up and i just couldnt bid in time.

I really want a blue water cruiser one day so thought something like this would be goos to rip around as a day sailor or warm night overnighter.

Does anyone have any suggestions of something like this ?



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You would be hard pressed to buy that kind of boat at that price again, that was a really good buy. I recall reading a blog from the builder of that boat and it cost him a lot more than what he sold it for. To address your question the only other boats that would come close to that boat would possibly be either International 23 or Seawind 24. You may pick up a International 23 for that kind of money but expect it to be pretty rough, as for Seawind 24 expect to pay quite a bit more and possibly also needing work.


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