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Yachting NSW Courses. Have a think about them


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We gladly invited YNSW to meet at the sailing club to discuss YNSW development. It was a great discussion with Tom and it is now good to see fruit from the visits and meetings.

There are now some courses going ahead outside Sydney.

We are hoping to host a course here at the Great Lakes Sailing Club early in the season and encourage people to enrol.

We're hoping to runs dingy safety and junior coaching course. (It's great to know the punter motoring towards you in the water after you have capsized knows what to do?)

W see these courses as an opportunity for cat sailors to get together (sober- for a while) and talk about cat sailing, club issues and all that is important. Including juniors and other stuff.

So check out the YNSW Site and newsletters and ring around the club and see if we can get some participation.

That's all.



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