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Taipan 4.9m jib rig - help needed


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Hey guys, getting to grips with 4.9m Taipan I purchased a few months ago. I have a new trampoline that is set up for sloop rig but a previous owner has added some extra (and dodgy might I say) hardware for the jib. Is it possible there is another sloop rig Taipan owner out there that could send me a photograph of the set up for the jib lines?

Many thanks in anticipation


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Howdy Smithy,

Why don't you try reposting your message in the Taipan Catamaran Associatio Forum at http://taipan.asn.au/forum/index.php

Most of the Taipan guys regularly view that forum so you're bound to hear from a Sloop sailor. I sail a Cat rigged Taipan so I'm not the best person to talk to, but the guys, particularly Luke Donovan, are really helpful. Hope it works out for you!



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