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Apology to beachsailor from beachsailor1

Captain Alex

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Today I was told I have been using an Internet name of another... For this I am sorry . I was told the name beachsailor belonged to someone since the 90's and I had taken it ... This fine man is not only a friend but he lives in the same town as me and sails the same waters as me . We never traded email addresses... He stated he was the original beachsailor in name but admitted I had been beach sailing longer then he.... I have carried the name beachsailor1 for about ten years so I admit he is correct about being the first but I am the #1. I mentioned I would not change the name since my business cards show this name and it is a little different then he... To all Jeff's friends I am sorry for the confusion I may have created but I am sure all that know us will agree he is younger with a fine boat but I am older and a lot better looking. Just a joke ! To this fine man I say again I had no idea of this and truly I am sorry so now let's get back to sailing and enjoying this fine site to discuss much more important things. also I bet there are seveal more of us throughout the world that are cat sailors using this name..but really truly I can't believe in the same town....

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