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Wallerawang Regatta


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Wallerawang Sailing Club Regatta is on Next weekend Nov 10/11 at Lake Wallace, Wallerawang, near Lithgow.

The organising authority is the Wallerawang Sailing Club Inc.


The Regatta will be governed by the rules as defined in “The ISAF Racing Rules of sailing” and the Wallerawang Sailing Club Sailing Instructions.


Lake Wallace, Wallerawang (Lithgow NSW)


Saturday, November 10 No start before 11am

Sunday, November 11 No start before 10am

A briefing will be held before the start of each session of racing.

Presentations will take place as soon as possible after the last race.

Eligibility and Entry

The Regatta is open to all classes of boat. Five or m ore boats of the same type will constitute a class. Other boats will be aggregated into separate classifications of similar type. All boats are to comply with their class rules at the time of the Regatta. All boat owners shall be a financial member of a YA affiliated sailing club.

Boats and sailors shall enter by completing an entry form and paying the appropriate fee before racing. Entry forms are available at the clubhouse. Sailing instructions will be issued at the time of Registration.


It is requirement that when registering, participants must hold a current Insurance Policy Certificate/Receipt for their boat, which included Racing cover $5 Million (minimum) Legal Liability Cover.

Scoring System

The Regatta will be scored as provided in Appendix A of the racing rules using the Low Point System.


The course to be sailed for each race will be notified at the briefing prior to each race.

Entry Fees

Regatta Weekend $40.00

Junior Race No Fees


The penalty for breaking a rule of Part 2 of the Racing Rules will be the 720 degree turn penalty for Mono-hulls and 360 degree turn for Multi-hull boats.


All those taking part in the Regatta do so at their own risk and responsibility.

The race committee, the Wallerawang Sailing Club and its members accept no responsibility for any sailor or the seaworthiness of any boat whose entry is accepted.

All sailors are required to wear an approved Personal Flotation Device when sailing.


Food and drink are available at the Club House.


Toilets and hot showers are available at the council provided Lakeside amenities.


Website: www.wallerawangsc.org

Email: contact@wallerawangsc.org

Rohan McAdam Commodore 0427307887

Martin Horder Vice Commodore 0408650430

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